Download FR Legends Mod APk v0.3.5 For Android Official

FR Legends APK android offers you all of the premium features of the FR Legends game for free. You just have to download it on your Android phone. Read this article to learn how to download it.

FR Legends mod APk v0.3.5 is a exciting racing and drifting game that has get over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a couple of millions of app stores. FR Legends android is a game with cars that allow you to manage the steering wheel the way you like. The best racers are there at the track system and waiting for you. Start your adventure with the most professional driving mode right away with the best handling. FR Legends APk allows players to get used to the controls in fixed positions with no symbols. It may be a bit tricky for new players but you will get a lot of experience in return.

Once you become familiar with the game screen, you will feel easy when there are not too many buttons in the control panel. Stay out of your competitors on the roads. The game is famous for having breakable, clear, and realistic-looking visuals that make racing and drifting more exciting. However, to progress in the game and upgrade new items, you need to buy the premium plan of the game, but everyone can’t afford.

This is where the FR Legends mod APK comes into play. This modified version of the FR Legends app offers you all paid features for free. Also, you get unlimited money, unlocked cars, and many other features. How to download the FR Legends mod app, and what features does it hold for you? I’ve discussed all of that in this comprehensive guide. Keep reading this information.

Overview of FR Legends APK

APPFR Legends Mod APK
Update24 Hour Ago
Mod(Unlimited Money)
Get it onGoogle Play

FR Legends APK v0.3.5 is a racing and drifting game that was launched in September 2018 by three companies:  TWIN TURBO TECH CO, LTD, and Feng Li. With the contribution of these three companies, this game has been developed with ultra-realistic graphics, lots of challenges, and customization features. 

FR Legends download creates legendary racers with a level that is not a normal rider. The difficulty of the game is not in the way of speeding or difficult terrain. Start your journey with a new driving mode instead of finishing at high speed. You need more capability to keep cars moving in the not too wide lane. Even when sitting in a car, do not forget to bring personal protective things. What made this game famous was its tough and realistic-looking tracks that the players can race on. The FR legend’s remarkable sounds and background music keep the players hooked. The game offers paid and free plans.

How To Download FR Legend Mod APK?

Downloading the FR Legends mod app is easy, but remember one thing: It’s important to download any mod app from reputed sources. Many unauthentic sources have viruses in them that go into your system if you download any app from them. 

Considering this issue, I’ve provided you with the Download link of the FR Legends mod app below where you’ll download the game. But before that, ensure your device meets the system requirements below.

Let’s now discuss the features of FR Legends mod APK:

Features of FR Legends APK

Players loves to playing FR Legend APk because its too many good features.

Drifting cars

The FR Legends game has many cars explicitly designed for drifting. They give you a real-life drifting experience even in the game, making the FR Legends the best drifting game possible.

Unlimited Customization

You can customize your cars however if you want to add more controls, parts, and also designs. However, you’ll need coins for that, or else you won’t be able to do any customization.

Realistic Visuals

The FR Legends players love it more because of its ultra-lifelike-looking visuals. The tracks are crisp and clear, and even the game’s textures are detailed, immersing the players.

Different tracks

The tracks matter a lot when it comes to drifting. This is why you can race and sail on various tracks in the FR Legends game. They’re structured realistically with a smooth texture so players can easily drift on them.

Drift Battles

To take the drifting experience to the next level, there are drifting battles in the game with other players and AI drivers. You use your drifting skills to win these battles and forward in the game by learning more and more rewards and coins.

One thing that the players don’t like about FR Legends is its paid plan. Its premium plan is expensive but contains many unique customization features and upgrades the players want to access. So, what’s the solution?

FR Legends Mod APK:

The solution is FR Legends mod APK. You may need to learn what the FR Legends mod Apk is. Well, it’s a third-party modified version of the FR Legends game with extra features. The best part? All of the premium features are unlocked. The coins and the money are unlimited, the tracks are unlocked, and all customization options are opened. 

You can access the game’s features without paying a penny. The modified version of the game is developed by third-party developers who are not linked with the actual game developers. They change the codes, remove all the paid restrictions of the features, and make them freely available for everyone to enjoy. 

This is why you don’t see the modified version of the apps listed on Google Play Store and App Store as they’re third-party.

However, what features does this unlocked FR Legends APK version hold for you? 

FR Legends Mod APK Features:

Below are all the features of the modified version of FR Legends that you can enjoy.

Unlimited Money

You must complete all the challenging levels to earn money in the game. To avoid meeting them, you must upgrade to the maximum plans that hit your bank. However, in the modified version of the game, you get unlimited money for free. 

Adding more features, functionalities, and designs can elevate your vehicle with that money. You can buy different cars and customize them. Besides the cars, you can unlock the tracks and new locations in the game for free with the money. 

New Map

You should know that the free FR legends version’s map becomes boring after some time. It’s because most things are locked in it and can only be unlocked when you pay for them. Thanks to the FR Legends APK which lets you enjoy drifting on a brand new map full of vehicles and tracks that take your racing experience to new heights. You can explore new locations and many other things on the tracks.

You Can Unlock All Cars:

All the cars you desire to have in the game but are expensive can easily be unlocked in the mod version. You have to use your unlimited money and just click on the car you want to drive. The vehicle will be yours. You don’t need to play the game for hours to progress and earn in-game currency to unlock these cars. 

No Ads:

What I hate about the free FR Legends game is its ads, which keep popping up on the screen. What’s worse is when you end up clicking on the ads. You get redirected to new websites, which can also be harmful and stop your progress in the game. In the mod version of the game, no ads are displayed. You can play the game for free without stumbling upon the ads for as long as you want.

Online and Offline Gameplay:

The FR Legends mod app offers you both of the gameplays. Offline and online. If you have the data, you can play the game online with your friends and compete live with other players. However, in the offline version of the game, you compete with the AI players, but it’s the best option for you when you don’t have an internet connection.


Like the original FR Legends game, you also get a loving sound and music in the background. The music makes the gameplay more fun and engaging and keeps you indulged.

Safe to play:

FR Legends mod android is a completely free-to-play game. The safety of the users is ensured in this game. One thing to note here is that whether the modified version of the game is safe depends on what source you’re downloading it from. If you don’t download it from any unauthentic source, it can have malware and viruses installed in it that can harm your phone. Therefore, I’ve given you the FR Legends mod APK download link above, allowing you to download the game from a reputable source. 

User-friendly interface:

The interface of the FR Legends APK game is designed to be super user-friendly. It’s easy to use and navigate. All of the buttons are pressed smoothly. All of the controls of the game are all easy to use. 

Every function is placed properly in the interface so that it doesn’t interrupt you while playing the game. If you don’t like any content, you can change it according to your preference. If you want to change the angle of the camera, then you can even do that on the modified version of the app. 

Multiple Gaming Modes:

FR Legends makes gaming more fun by giving multiple gaming modes. No matter what type of drifter or racer you are, you’ll always get a gaming mode for yourself. The game gives you a practice mode where you can practice your drifting skills. You also get a solo mode in which you’ll be the only player drifting and driving. 

You can practice your drifting skills so that if you play competitively, you can do better in those battles. Besides these modes, you also get the battle modes in which you compete with other players or the AI players who give you a tough time. 

Gameplay with Friends:

There is nothing better than playing a game with online friends. Luckily, FR legend mod APK allows you to do that as well. You can play game and also talk with your friends easily. You can race with them and also have drifting competitions with them.

Record the Gameplay:

Usually, when you have to record the gameplay of any game, you require a third-party screen recorder. However, FR Legends mod APK has a built-in screen recorder that you can use to record your impressive match. Then, you can upload the gameplay on social media or share this with your friends.

These are all the features of the FR Legend mod APK that you can enjoy after downloading. However, now the question arises: how will you download the game? I will teach you that now step by step in the next section. Continue your reading.

FR legends mod APK System requirements

To ensure your device runs the FR Legends game efficiently, it must meet the following requirements.

RequirementMinimum Specification
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 or higher
RAMAt least 2GB
Storage SpaceVaries based on the version and additional content

When your device meets these requirements,  the next step is to learn how to download the game. Let’s do that now. 

  • First, head over to the Settings of your Android phone, and from there, go to the Security/Privacy options. There, you’ll get Downloads from Unknown Sources. That’s by default disabled and stops you from downloading any app outside the Play Store. So, enable that so that you can download the app from the link provided. 
  • Download your game from given link.
  • You’ll now get redirected to a new page with two green downloading options. The first one would be v0.3.5, which is the latest one. And the second one will be v0.3.6, which is the previous version. Click on the first download option, as we’re willing to download the latest version of the app. 
  • The moment you click on the button, the downloading process will start. How much it will take depends on your internet speed. 
  • When the app is downloaded, you then have to install it. To do that, find the downloaded file either in your File Manager or in the Downloads section of Chrome. Click on that and then click on the Install option.
  • The app will be installed in a while. After that, you can launch that and start playing the game. 


FR Legends mod APK is a modified version of the original racing and drifting game. This version is the best for all those gamers who want to enjoy all of the premium features of FR Legends but can’t afford its excellent plans. 
This FR Legends mod APk Unlocked version gives you access to all of the paid features of the game, along with no ads in the gameplay. So, what are you guys waiting for? Download Now and enjoy the game.


What is FR Legends Mod Apk?

FR Legends mod APK is a modified version of the original game that gives you free access to all of the maximum features. It also gives you unlimited money and customization features.

Can I upgrade cars in FR Legends Mod Apk?

You can upgrade cars in FR Legends mod APK, as it gives you unlimited money. You can also customize the cars the way you want to.

Can I play FR Legends Mod Apk with friends?

Yes, the FR Legends mod APK game allows you to play with your friends and also with other players online.

Is FR Legends Mod Apk an offline game?

It’s a combo of both offline and online. If you want to play with your friends or with other players across the globe, then you can play it online. If you usually want to play the game, you can do so offline, where the AI competitors will be competing with you.

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